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About Spark Your Heart

My name is Jillian Roels and I am the founder of Spark Your Heart.

Spark Your Heart is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and inspiring random acts of kindness.

I began Spark Your Heart in 2011 after meeting a homeless man and decided to make a difference in his life. I would drive by this man multiple times a week and witness him selling roses on the corner of the freeway. I started bringing him lunches and snacks, but eventually decided to take the time to stop and learn about his story. I learned that this man's name is Randy.

So I asked Randy what we could help him with. When I learned that Randy only needed a watch and a jacket at the time, I took it as an opportunity to reach out to my community to see if they would help me. We were able to provide Randy with the items he needed, and in return, Randy provided me with a lasting friendship. Randy was the spark of inspiration that I needed to realize that I have the power to make a difference on a much larger scale, and that I can inspire my community to join me in my efforts. Randy still inspires me today, and our friendship continues (see our picture above!)

Since 2011, Spark Your Heart has partnered with several organizations and inspired members of the community to come together to complete over twenty service projects on local, national, and international levels. Some of these projects include holding teddy bear drives and raising funds for uncompensated care at Seattle Children's Hospital, holding a hat drive for children battling cancer through Hats Off For Cancer, several Hopelink food drives, raising money for a local family who lost their entire home and all of their belongings to a house fire, among many other projects.

Serving and inspiring others is my passion, and Spark Your Heart allows me to both give back and inspire others to join me in my efforts, thus creating a larger impact. I firmly believe that a little kindness and compassion can change the world, and that we all have the ability to spark a difference!

If you have a project idea, or would like to get involved, please visit the "Contact Us" link and get in touch!

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