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Spark Your Heart is established by Jillian Roels.  The nonprofit is dedicated to creating and inspiring random acts of kindness.  
Over two years ago, Jillian encountered a homeless man off a freeway exit, and decided to make a difference in his life. After discussing how he arrived to where he is, she helped him.  'Randy' was inspired by Jillian- but Randy gave Jillian the SPARK~ the inspiration to continue doing small favors for others.
Jillian devotes her time and energy to sparking the hearts of others. Most times she creates random acts of kindness, but sometimes her actions inspire others to perform acts of kindness. Spark Your Heart can help make that dream come true! 
Every day, there is an opportunity to make a difference. You can volunteer or you can donate.  You can also nominate someone you feel could use that "spark!"
Jillian is a Running Start (Bellevue College) student as well as a senior at Redmond High School.  She is a competitive and varsity cheerleader.
Jillian owns a chapter of a national non-profit, Girl Talk, Inc.  
www.desiretoinspire.org She additionally serves on the National Advisory Board for this wonderful organization.
Girl Talk provides mentorship and leadership to junior high school girls. Each week, the girls get together and discuss issues facing teens today; cyber-bullying, getting along with friends, feeling isolated, alcohol abuse, random acts of kindness, and how to deal with being a teenager in today's world.   On May 2, Haley Kilpatrick will be visiting to sign her book and give a talk at Redmond Performing Arts Center -join us! 7:00 pm
Jillian was recently a contestant in the Miss Seattle Scholarship pageant and received a scholarship and award for her Platform/Community Service!
Jillian just received Distinguished Finalist with the Prudential Community Spirit Award!!
Jillian is honored to be the recipient of the Brotherton Cadillac Community Champion Award for her community service!
Brotherton Cadillac Commercial:
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